Wheelchair Tennis

"Open to all athletes with an impairment..."

British Tennis Wheelchair player Marc McCaroll 193
British Tennis Wheelchair player Marc McCaroll

Wheelchair Tennis originated in the USA in the 1970s and since then has grown in popularity and status. The sport, which has been included in the Paralympic Games since Barcelona 1992, with the Quad division added at Athens 2004, is open to all athletes with an impairment.

The game is played from a wheelchair with two classes:

  • Quad for impairment in arms and legs
  • Open for those affected in one or two legs, but not arms or hands

The court size and rules are the same as in the non-disabled game, the only exception being that players are allowed two bounces of the ball – the first being inside the court markings. Competitions comprise singles and doubles for Open men’s, Open women’s, and Quad divisions.

There is a busy schedule of events for elite Wheelchair Tennis players, over 170 tournaments are now on the international tour, six of which are held annually in Great Britain.

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