Wheelchair Fencing

"A blend of mental agility, speed and tactics..."

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Inside Sports Wheelchair Fencing

The sword is one of the oldest weapons, used since ancient times as a means of settling disputes. The modern sport of Wheelchair Fencing is a blend of mental agility, speed and tactics and has been part of the Paralympic programme since the first Games at Rome 1960.

One of two Paralympic combat sports, Wheelchair Fencing is open to men and women with locomotive disabilities and is practiced in 36 countries.

As the name suggests, the sport must be played from a wheelchair.

The chair is clamped into a metal frame holding the competitors a set distance apart. Athletes are split into three classes:

  • A – for athletes with full trunk movement and good balance.
  • B – for athletes with no leg movement and impaired trunk and balance functions.
  • C – for athletes with an impairment in all four limbs. (Not included in the Paralympic Games but a medal event at regional and world level).

Competition comprises individual and team events in Foil, Epée and Sabre for men, and individual and team events in Foil and Epée for women.

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