Wheelchair Curling

"A sport of precision and accuracy..."

GB Curling Team's Media Day 203
GB Curling Team's Media Day

A sport of precision and accuracy, Wheelchair Curling made its Paralympic debut at the Turin 2006 Winter Games when Britain’s curlers won silver.

Curling is thought to have originated in Scotland in the 16th century when people would play the sport on frozen lochs and ponds during the winter months.

Open to male and female athletes who play as part of a mixed team who are not ambulant or who can only walk short distances, the aim of Wheelchair Curling is to slide a stone down a sheet of ice towards a target – the ‘house’ – finishing as close to the centre of the target as possible.

Each team will do its best to prevent the other from achieving this aim by placing a stone in the way or by knocking the opponent’s stone out of the target area.

The only difference between Wheelchair Curling and the non- disabled equivalent is that sweeping – brushing the ice in front of the stone to change its course – is not part of the Paralympic sport.

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