Wheelchair Basketball

"Played in over 100 countries worldwide by around 40,000 people..."

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One of the earliest Paralympic sports, Wheelchair Basketball was first developed as a means of rehabilitation for injured servicemen following the Second World War.

It is now among the most well-known Paralympic sports and is played in over 100 countries worldwide by around 40,000 people.

The sport is also incredibly popular in the UK where there is a thriving national league system and around 1,500 regular participants.

Wheelchair Basketball is open to all athletes with an impairment and has a classification system that categorises athletes from 1 to 4.5 based on their functional ability. Those with 1 point the most highest level of impairment and those with 4.5 the least.

The combined points of a team’s players on court can not exceed 14 at any one time.

Wheelchair Basketball differs very little from the non-disabled sport, it is played on the same sized court with the same height hoops. An offensive player may not remain in the ‘key’ around the opposition’s hoop for more than three seconds without attempting a shot, and may not take more than two pushes or touches of the wheels without bouncing or passing the ball.

All international games have a duration of 40 minutes.

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