Sitting Volleyball

"Considerably faster than the standing equivalent..."

Have you heard about sitting volleyball? 63
Have you heard about sitting volleyball?

Because the net is lower and the court smaller, Sitting Volleyball is considerably faster than the standing equivalent and therefore requires quick reactions, agility and power.

Sitting Volleyball has been part of the Paralympic Games since Arnhem 1980, and is now played in over 48 countries worldwide.

Open to all athletes with an impairment – other than meeting a minimal qualification criteria, athletes are practically not classified separately. Sitting Volleyball is played on smaller courts and with a lower net than the non-disabled game. Teams are made up of six players, and each team is allowed three touches of the ball before it must be returned.

At all times during play, the players must have at least one buttock or an extension of the torso in contact with the floor. However, athletes may kick or head the ball if necessary.

The game consists of five sets – each is won by the first team to reach 25 points. In the event of a 24-24 tie, there must be a clear two-point lead over the opposing team to win.

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