"Nerves of steel and the ability to maintain high levels of concentration..."

Meet GB shooting star Matt Skelhon 128
Meet GB shooting star Matt Skelhon

Target Shooting is a sport for all. If you want to excel in this discipline, you'll need nerves of steel and the ability to maintain high levels of concentration. 

Age is not a barrier to being an elite shooter – at London 2012 an athlete won a medal at the age of 54.

Shooting has two classification groups:

  • SH1 shooters usually have a lower limb disability and shoot a rifle or pistol without assistance.
  • SH2 shooters have an  upper limb disability so use a shooting stand to support a rifle.

There are 12 Paralympic events; three men’s, three women’s, and six mixed, split between Air and .22 categories. Air events are shot over 10m whilst .22 events are shot over 25 or 50m.

All competitions comprise a qualifying round with the top eight scoring athletes advancing to a ten-shot final.

Elite Shooting for impaired athletes is practiced in over 50 countries around the world and there are world cups, European and world championships. Disabled shooters also compete domestically in non-disabled competitions.

Since Shooting gained Paralympic status, British shooters have consistently won medals. At London 2012, GB won one silver and two bronze medals and shot three equal world records in this highly competitive sport where success is measured in fractions of a millimetre.

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