"A sport that requires fitness, commitment and discipline..."


Whether it’s just the sensation of getting out on the water on a quiet morning or the thrill of the race, Rowing is a sport that requires fitness, commitment and discipline.

A relatively new sport to the Paralympic programme – making its Games debut at Beijing 2008 – adaptive Rowing is open to all visually impaired and impaired athletes.

There are four Paralympic boat classes currently included in the Games programme; men’s and women’s Arms Only Single Scull (ASM1x / ASW1x), mixed Trunk and Arms Double Scull TAMix2x) and mixed Legs, Trunk and Arms Coxed Four (LTAMix4+).

The standard distance for Para Rowing races is 1000m. Although there are some adaptations to the boats to facilitate impaired athletes, the rules and regulations are the same as for non-disabled rowers.

Rowing has a fully integrated World Championships held annually and there is a developing national and international racing programme, with currently around 24 countries participating at elite level.

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