"The ultimate test of power and strength..."


The ultimate test of power and strength, Powerlifting is all about how much an athlete can lift in the bench press related to their own bodyweight. It is open to all athletes with an impairment.

Powerlifting, which was originally called ‘weightlifting’, has been a Paralympic sport since the second Games of Tokyo 1964. It is now contested at elite level in 115 countries by around 5,000 ranked athletes.

In 2000, Paralympic Powerlifting adopted the same rules as the non-disabled sport. Athletes compete lying on their backs in a supine position on a specially designed bench. After a signal from the chief referee, the athlete lowers the bar to their chest in a controlled manner, holds it immobile for a short period and then evenly presses the bar back to the starting position, holding it with locked elbows until told to ‘rack’ the bar.

Competitors are classified into one of 10 categories, based on their weight. These categories range from 48kg up to 100kg+ for men and from 40kg up to 82.5kg+ for women.

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