Nordic Skiing

"Comprises Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon (Skiing and Shooting)..."

Inside Sports Nordic Skiing 270
Inside Sports Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing comprises Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon (Skiing and Shooting) and has been, in one form or another, included in the Paralympic programme since the inaugural Winter Games in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, in 1976.

The sport is open to visually imapired athletes or those with an impairment. Athletes may compete on a ‘sit-ski’ – a specialised ski-chair – or with a guide if visually impaired.

Athletes from all the disability groups compete together and an adjusted time formula is used to determine the winner.

Cross-Country Skiing involves skiing both uphill and down over distances from 2.5km to 20km.

Biathlon events take place on a 2.5km loop which is repeated three times for the 7.5km event or five times for 12km event, with athletes stopping for either two or four shooting sessions along the course. They fire five shots at a target positioned at 10m."

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