Ice Sledge Hockey

"Fast, furious and aggressive..."

What is sledge hockey? British paralympians' Sochi journey 290
What is sledge hockey? British paralympians' Sochi journey

Fast, furious and aggressive, Ice Sledge Hockey is, as the name suggests, the Paralympic equivalent of Ice Hockey.

Ice Sledge Hockey is practised in 15 countries with club teams now established in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia and Korea. It became a Paralympic sport in Lillehammer 1984, Norway.

The sport is played using double- blade sledges which allow the puck to pass underneath. They are propelled by sticks with a spike in one end and a blade in the other for shooting.

There is no classification system in Ice Sledge Hockey which is mainly practised by male athletes although teams can field a female player. Competitors must have an impairment in the lower half of their body.

The rules are similar to non-disabled Ice Hockey, the aim of the game being to propel a puck into the opponent’s goal. There are six team members on the ice at any given time (including the net minder) and the game is played over three 15-minute stop-time periods.

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