"Speed, fitness and endurance..."

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Channel 4 & Sainsbury's Present... Jody Cundy Pt II

Speed, fitness and endurance are all characteristics needed for Cycling, a sport that has been included in the Paralympic Games programme since Seoul 1988.

As at the Olympic Games, Cycling at the Paralympic Games is split between the track and the road.

Track races inside the velodrome include 1km Time Trials, Pursuits and Team and Tandem Sprints for specific classifications.

On the road, athletes compete in the Road Race and Time Trial.

The classification for Cycling is split into four groups. In each, 1 represents the highest degree of impairment and 4/5 the least.

  • C1-C5 for athletes with cerebral palsy, amputees, and les autres who can ride a bicycle.
  • T1-T2 (tricycle) for athletes with cerebral palsy or les autres athletes who are unable to ride a bicycle.
  • B for visually impaired cyclists, who are all classified together and compete on tandem bicycles with a sighted guide or pilot rider.
  • H1-H5 (handcycle) for riders with impairments affecting both legs or a combination of upper and lower limbs.

Cycling at elite level is currently contested by over 70 countries, but it’s a sport that many take part in at recreational level just for fitness or enjoyment.

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