"A sport of accuracy, precision and concentration..."

Say hello to Paralympic archery star Danielle Brown 138
Say hello to Paralympic archery star Danielle Brown

An ancient sport of kings and queens, more recently made famous by the films Robin Hood and Lord of the Rings, Archery has been part of the Paralympic programme since 1960. It is practised in more than 54 countries worldwide.

A sport of accuracy, precision and concentration, Archery is open to male and female competitors with a physical impairment.

Competitors are grouped into three classifications for competition, standing, and two wheelchair categories: Wheelchair One (W1) includes athletes with an impairment in all four limbs; and Wheelchair Two (W2), for archers with limited mobility in their lower limbs. While Archery for athletes with a visual impairment or learning disability is not currently included in the Paralympic Games programme, the discipline is growing in the UK.

At the Paralympic Games archers shoot at a 122cm target set at a distance of 70m.

There are qualifying rounds followed by an elimination round, culminating in a final round of eight archers.

Paralympic disciplines comprise of Compound and Recurve bows. There are also separate individual and team competitions for men and women.

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