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Gravesend Dynamite offer sport for all: males and females, children, youths and adults, disabled and able bodied all participating together in a unique, inclusive sports (and fun) environment.
We aim to change perceptions of disability - everyone takes part in sports wheelchairs. We play wheelchair rugby league mainly but we have also done wheelchair rugby 7's, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair handball and wheelchair american football.

All disabilities that are able to operate a manual sports wheelchair are welcome to give the sports a 'try' - this includes physical disabilities and hidden disabilities.
We aim to bring disabled and able bodied participants together rather than keep them separate. We have disabled and able bodied siblings, fathers and daughters, friends and neighbours; we have ex-rugby players returning from injury or ex-active people who feel too old to get involved in sports on grass again. All sessions are indoor and everyone is welcome to give the club a go. Disabled or able bodied - all are welcome.
Get in contact and have a go. Taster session always free.

We have players who just attend for fun / execise / health benefits and we have players who have progressed to play for the team at club and even international level. It's a club for all!

Club features

Impairment types:
Acquired Brain injuries
All abilities
Hearing impairment
PAN Disability
Learning impairment
Mental health
Physical impairment
Cerebral Palsy
Short stature
Spinal Cord Injury
Social or behavioural
Visual impairment
Staff experience:
We have a lot of experience working with people with impairments
We have sessions just for beginners
We have sessions just for fun!
Activity format:
Team based
Availiable sessions:
Mixed gender
Children & youth sessions


Northfleet Youth Centre
Hall Road, Northfleet, Gravesend, DA11 8AJ
DA11 8AJ
United Kingdom

Telephone number:

01474 536501

Attending the club:

Contact us via the email address or phone our linked charity KASBAH and they will pass on further details.


No, all chairs and other essential equipment is there ready.

Accessibility Information:

Free parking. Lots pf spaces including disabled car parking spaces.
Ramp external access to the sports hall and an internal lift.

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