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Connect the mind, body, and spirit, then grab a hot drink, and have a chat!
Adaptive Yoga LIVE is an award-winning service - founded by two disabled women who experienced the tremendous health benefits of adaptive yoga.
These are difficult times for disabled people and we believe yoga can help unite us, in a shared experience, to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.
Traditional yoga poses are adapted (using chairs and props) so that they can be experienced by everyone - regardless of their level of ability.
The emphasis is on the experience within the pose.

“We don’t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body”

Yoga is unlike any other exercise as it produces a change in calm, and relaxation, that takes place on a neurobiological level. It shifts you, biochemically, from a state of excitement and tension to a state of calm, deep rest, and relaxation.

Only deep breathing that accompanies mind-body practices like yoga can do this.

We'll warm up the body with gentle movement, breathing exercises, and a few minutes of meditation.

Remember, this is a judgment-free zone! Yoga is about listening to your body, not challenging it , so do what YOU can do.

At the end we'll grab a hot drink and have a chat!

Club features

Impairment types:
Aged 50+
All Abilities
Staff experience:
We have a lot of experience working with disabled people
Activity format:
Five petals joined at the base to form an open lotus flower with company name Adaptive Yoga LIVE on a purple backgroundwritten underneath


16 elgin crescent
w11 2jr
United Kingdom

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Attending the club:

Every Monday @ 7pm join through our Eventbrite page:


You can watch our recorded classes on our YouTube channel:

When we meet:

We meet on Monday evenings on Zoom at 7pm

Is there a specific meeting point at the address:


A sturdy chair

A strap, or a scarf, or a belt, or a necktie - something long to hold onto for stretching.

A cushion

Live Online Adaptive Yoga + Coffee online

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