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16+ Fitness and Wellbeing
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If you are a lover of the countryside but can’t get out into it as easily as you’d like, whether on account of disability, injury or older age, the Colchester BOMA 7 is here for your use (enquiries from individuals, groups and organizations are all welcome).

The BOMA 7, making the countryside accessible at High Woods Country Park
young girl sitting in the Boma (mobility chair bike)

Club features

Impairment types:
All abilities
Physical impairment
Staff experience:
We have a lot of experience working with people with impairments
Activity format:
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High Woods Country Park,
174 Turner Road, Mile End,
United Kingdom

Telephone number:

07710 474999

Attending the club:

To book a time, or just to find out a bit more first, whether for yourself or somebody you know, please be in touch via our website or contact details.

When we meet:

The BOMA is available at the park for new & occasional users on open afternoons (weather dependent!) & by individual arrangement from April through until October. Individual arrangement necessary for autumn and winter months.

Boma Mobility Chair Walks online

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