Get your boogie shoes on this Inclusive Remote Day of Dance

Para Dance UK

Dance like no-one's watching within your own four walls is the message as Para Dance UK prepare to get boogying on the Inclusive Remote Day of Dance. 

Staged on the Friday of the Great British Week of Sport, the ukactive initiative gives you the chance to try street dance, contemporary dance and movie musical theatre dance all in one day. 

Neither geographical location nor mobility status will hold you back from participating in Friday's activities as they're easily accessible online. 

The online format also supports an environment geared to engender greater confidence in people to trial a new activity. 

“Dance is a fantastic activity that breaks down barriers - it’s inclusive, fun, engaging, inter-generational and adaptable to work with different audiences," said Will Smithard, Strategic Projects Director at ukactive. 

Para Dance UK

“We’re really excited to shine a spotlight on inclusive activity and work with Para Dance UK to put on activities and spread a really important message.

"Working with Para Dance UK really gives us an opportunity to showcase inclusive dance as something that’s really fun and engaging - and something that can be done in your own home where you feel comfortable.

“The whole week is about trying something new, and we want to shine a spotlight to show that everyone can dance and there’s something out there for everyone. 

"The message is just give it a go!"

The Great British Week of Sport is part of the European Week of Sport and is running for the first time this year. 

Para Dance UK

Before you get your dancing shoes on, you can hear from a host of experts in a panel discussion on the landscape of access to dance during COVID-19. 

Three, 45-minute workshops will be run by Para Dance UK instructors and will hone your hot-stepping technique, strengthen muscles and maybe even give your family members a laugh along the way. 

Will added: “We wanted to create something new and exciting and grow it for years to come.

"We want to inspire increased participation in grassroots sport and physical activity working alongside Para Dance UK. We want people to take inspiration and turn it into positive change for their lives."

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