Get Fit for Life and Sport

Do you want to follow a more active and healthy lifestyle or dream of one day representing your country at the Paralympic Games? Whatever your ambition for your sporting future, we can help you get to grips with the basic principles you will need to follow to help you succeed.

The Fit for Life and Sport publications, put together by the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport and the British Paralympic Association, with funding from the Coca-cola Foundation, provides helpful tips and advice for building a healthy, active lifestyle and is aimed at people who are trying to fit regular exercise and sport into their daily routine.

The guides are aimed at people who aspire to compete in their chosen sport. It highlights the diet, training, and discipline needed by athletes who succeed at an elite level.

Each guide contains disability-specific information on physical activity and exercise, nutrition and psychology. It aims to raise awareness of the health benefits of activity and sport for adults with a disability but most importantly it can help you understand HOW to get fitter and healthier.

To download the correct guide for you, click on the links below based on your impairement group.

Spinal Cord Impairment – contains information for adults with paraplegia, tetraplegia, spina bifida and other spinal cord impairments. Topics include exercise guidelines, autonomic dysreflexia, weight management, monitoring training load, supplements and goal-setting.

Amputation – topics include exercise guidelines and ideas, stump care, a healthy diet, monitoring training load, enhancing endurance, goal-setting and relaxation techniques.

Cerebral Palsy – contains information for adults with cerebral palsy on topics such as exercise guidelines and adaptations for those with impaired balance, coordination or sensation, and for wheelchair and power chair users. Other topics include healthy eating, hydration, enhancing endurance, supplements and relaxation techniques.

Visual Impairment – topics include exercise recommendations, safety, a healthy diet, guiding, classification, training for strength, goal-setting and nutrition for the travelling athlete. A text only version is available.

Les Autres – contains information for adults with disabilities such as dwarfism, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and post-polio syndrome. Topics include exercise guidelines and adaptations for those with impaired balance, coordination or sensation, and for wheelchair users. Other topics include enhancing endurance, weight management, supplements, goal-setting and self-talk.