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Our seated yoga classes are a fun and friendly, low-impact way to keep active. Calm the mind and move the body, gently following the instructions provided by our expert teacher. These are audio sessions delivered by phone, and are suitable for over 50s and people with sight loss. For more information or to discuss further, please contact or call 07813 825 571.

A 30 minute stretch and mobilisation either sitting on or holding on to a chair back.

Seated upper body class for all abilities 30 min workout

For students, who have attended Iyengar Yoga Classes regularly for 1 year. Students will be expected to be able to practice sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

A Mixed Ability class delivered via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link an hour before the class starts. A variety of levels will be offered within the class - please work within your limits and choose the right level for the way you feel. You will need a mat and a bit of space to stretch out, a Pilates ball and band.

This class is a 45 minute low impact, full body workout that can be modified according to individual needs. This is an invigorating but balanced and practical class that is designed to tone and strengthen the body. Stretching, toning exercises and aerobic dance movements are all incorporated for a complete workout. It is great for keeping the body in good mobile shape, while adding energy and circulation to the body. This class can be done in a chair.

Dance-based exercise classes for those who don't feel at home in the gym! Led by a plus size fitness instructor who has designed routines to make them accessible for absolute beginners or with lower levels of fitness. A great confidence builder with a focus on enjoying moving your body rather than punishing it!You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in and remember to bring a drink. There is no floor or mat work and no additional equipment is required!

Yoga in Cullingworth is a dynamic class, including a variety of poses, breath work, mindfulness and relaxation. This class is based on the Hatha yoga method and is suitable for all levels, beginners included. Every week is slightly different, and planned for regular class attendees whether on zoom or in person. You will need your own mat, block, blanket and pillow. Please see confirmation email for additional details about in person and online classes. Location etc.Feedback from students:"T...

The focus of this class is on breath with movement. You learn how to increase your lung capacity gradually and incorporate that practice with postures based on the Hatha Yoga tradition. Modifications are applied when necessary through out the class so that the full range of a joint or muscle is explored safely to improve its longevity. Breakdown of the class includes breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (asanas), and relaxation techniques such as meditation (dhyana) and visualizations. Beg...

Suitable for all levels. Adaptations and alernatives offered throughout the class where needed.