Activity Alliance helping people get active with innovative STEP tool


The STEP tool is all about adapting, which makes it the perfect resource for the constant compromises of the COVID-19 pandemic.

STEP stands for Space, Task, Equipment and People and is one of the most effective ways to use household items to be active. 

And with parents becoming activity leaders overnight, it’s an invaluable tool for those seeking to make exercise accessible and fun.

The message coming through loud and clear from the sector is that this tool works.

“STEP is all about what people can do, not what they can’t,” said Simon Higgins, head of P.E and Sport at the Victoria Education Centre in Branksome, Dorset.

“I like to say that in the sports world everything is about pace, but this is about patience and breaking things down for people into manageable chunks.

“By using STEP, we’re saying that there is a way of organising activity that works for everyone and that sport is still possible outside of a usual setting.

“It’s all about breaking down the barriers to getting active. 

“I’ve only been working with disabled people for two years but I’ve always believed in sport for all and this has cemented it.”

An example of STEP adaptions include: rather than star jumps, why not take one leg or one arm out to the side? Rather than a ball, why not use a balloon?

STEP is commonly used in the PE and school sport setting but Activity Alliance have shown exactly how it remains applicable for our new #StayHomeWorkOut environment.

Activity Alliance have released six new STEP graphics with specific detail on how to use your home environment to develop accessible activities. 

Simon has been at the forefront of their efforts to spread the word with the energetic P.E teacher leading their efforts to show STEP in action in the home with YouTube videos.

"At the moment, we’ve all got to think about using what we’ve got to make something happen,” says Simon.

“STEP is so versatile, it can be used by anyone and you don’t have to use all four elements of it at one time, one is often enough to make an activity accessible.

“I think we have the opportunity to make quite a big change in someone’s life by thinking about the person first.”

Find out more about STEP and Activity Alliance here.